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We value our patients' experience at Discover Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Daniel Robbins

Constant neck and back pain.

"I was going for massages bi-weekly and they were not working. Neck and back pain is more under control and now I go for massages once every 6 weeks."

-Otis A. 30 something

Back injury and terrible sciatica pain.

"Dr. D. Robbins helped me tremendously. In a very short time I was without pain. Only go in now for maintenance."

- Margareta R. 75

Low back crunchy, ribs kinda wandering around out of place.

"I was a wreck... couldn't sit for long, walk for long, laying down to sleep was painful, getting up was painful, running was impossible, workouts were no longer joyful. Oh my what a difference. I can sit for longer, I can run now again (though in general I choose not to...), I can do squats again (though not as heavy as I'd like yet..) - the relief is amazing. Whew. I am grateful and humble - promise to be more careful with the ol' caracass. Thank you thank you."

-Erin G. Nearly 45

First stages of disc degeneration and lower back pain.

"Dr. Robbins technique and care of my back has helped me to go back to my sport activities that I was told I could never do again, like biking and running. It has been so relieving to have found in Dr. Robbins the help I needed. Also, learn to take care of myself, my back and the movements I make to keep my spine alligned and healthy. Thank you so much."

-Elizabeth R. 44

Severe back pain.

"After only 1 treatment I was able to walk without the help of a cane or walker. I was suffering pain for 40 years, first off and on, but for the last 6 years I took painkillers on a daily basis. I am just about totally pain free now. I just had my 4th treatment. Thank you Dr. Robbins."

-Ursula O. 74

Headache, lower back pain, hips not even.

"Chiropractic helped me so much. Headache, lower back pain 100% gone. My hips are so much more even now. I feel so relieved. Thank you Dr. Robbins for all your help."

-Minerva 45

Very sore back, rheumatism in both shoulders.

"Thank you Dr. Robbins for alleviating the pain! Before my treatments it took me two days to clean my house - now I do it in 5 hours! Also I want to thank you for [helping] my husband."

-Lie W. 80

Lower back pain, tremendous discomfort in the back.

"Tried orthotic shoes, water filled pillows, acupuncture, RMT (registered massage therapy), ART (active release therapy), physio therapy and orthopedic surgeons. 18 months no improvement. After 2-3 weeks I started feeling better because of your treatments. After 6 weeks I was symptom(pain) free. I owe you (& my family owes you) a great deal of gratitude.

-Scott J.

Pain on neck, shoulders, arm due to pinched nerve in neck.

"Gave me relief, mobility. I can look up at the ceiling with very little discomfort. It is the pain in my shoulder and arm. Thank you Dr. Robbins."

-Teresita F. 72

Two car accidents within a two year time frame.

"Dan has helped me tremendously. Much of my pain I was experiencing is gone. My headaches have been reduced. Discover Chiropractic has given me a new outlook on life. I thought I would always have to suffer with my pain but thanks to Dr. Dan I don't have to. This was my first experience seeing a chiropractor and I am a believer!"

-Corinne T. 45

Motor vehicle accident, pain in lower back, upper back, toes and knees.

"After five procedures of elastic chiropractic maneuvers and one laser session my burning like pain in my toes has diminished by approx 50% and overall mobility of my body has improved alot!"

-Victor M. 51

Stiff neck and back pain.

"Very good, very effective! Thanks!"

-Jack P. 38

Back problems.

"Great, no more pain."

-Richard A. 43

Lots of pain, told I have R.A. (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

"No pain."

-Emelia D. 60

Pain on leg and knee.

"I felt I was getting nowhere with physiotherapy(had 3 sessions) and I didn't want to go on painkillers to relieve the pain in my leg and knee. I wanted to try chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatments, laser and massage therapy helped me with the manipulation of my joints."

-Gurbuchan K. 68

Lower back pain and shoulder stiffness.

"Back pain is resolving, I feel a lot better."

-Debbie Y. 32

Lower back pain, uncomfortable to sit or stand and work for long periods of time.

"As soon as the first visit is done I totally felt alive again. So I believe that after the regular visit would make my whole body feel alive again and have a better life!!"

-Hilda C. 20

Chronic, consistent pain in right neck, shoulder, elbow and hand for 5 years.

"Lessened the pain which equals less pain medication and better function in life. Increased use and function of right arm and hand. Given me hope! (very important) Made me feel cared for.(Thank you!)"

-Monica F. 43

Shoulder, hip and knee pain.

"Chiropractic helped me a lot. My pain in my shoulder, hips and knee are gone. Thank you Dr. Robbins."

-Jaime 59

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